Shaun Jay




Are you looking for a keynote speaker that keeps your guests engaged AND entertained at the same time? 

How about a unique way to bring up the energy in the room to to ensure that your attendees are wide awake and enjoy the first speaker of your conference? 

What if there was the perfect jaw dropping and fun finale to wrap up an intense day of education and study at your next annual meeting? There are many intelligent keynote speakers that can speak about complex topics due to their amazing wealth of knowledge. How can you guarantee, though, that your attendees will be fully engaged throughout the speaker schedule?

Shaun Jay is an accomplished keynote speaker and magician based in Raleigh North Carolina with 20 years of experience and multiple national TV appearances under his belt. Having the experience of speaking and presenting on television is just one of the many ways that helps set Shaun apart from other keynote speakers.

Shaun brings his confident television presenting experience, instant rapport building skills, and world class award winning sleight of hand magic to the stage at your live event for keynote presentations that are guaranteed to astonish.

How can someone that looks so young have so much experience? Shaun Jay is one of those entrepreneurs that discovered his passion at a very early age. In fact, he decided to turn pro at the age of 12 and for the past 20 years, he hasn’t looked back. Since then, he has accomplished more than most his age.

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